Why it is good to be tall!

Being tall is it all what it is cracked up to be? Simple answer is yes! Being tall is pretty cool. You get girls, you get more respect from your friends and people look up to you in everything you do. People who are tall usually are perceived by others as being more dominant and so are more successful in life as a result. As Physiological studies have noticed that their is a significant difference in social dominance of taller people. If you dont believe me then there was a study conducted at a American university where a two pretty large groups of students were introduced to a stranger.. in one group they were told that the stranger was a student just like them and in the other group they were told that the stranger was a professor (and thus had a higher level of social standing than them). The groups of students were told to then predict the persons height and in the group were they though that the stranger was a professor and thus more dominant than them they gave the stranger a much taller average height. This study showed that there is a link between dominance and height. So as you can see.. yes being tall is what is is all cracked up to be! I have already written about the different ways you can try out to help you increase your height in another post but to just summarize.. you can try stretches or if your sneaky you can also try wearing height increasing insoles it is up to you!

If you dont believe being tall is really such a big thing then comment below and argue why not!

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