Footpain the sore truth

The truth of foot pain is simple.. even if you are not a runner or athlete and dont even use your feet much.. the muscles and ligaments in your feet can still weaken and by putting weight on your feet your causing damage that can eventually lead to tendonitis, plantar fasciitis or arthritis. Iv suffered recently from bad foot pain and here is my story.

Even news bloggers like me get tired and aching feet despite beavering away blogging all day long, but to be honest I think my sore feet are due to a shopping trip I went on recently.. didn’t buy anything mind you but 10 hours on your feet in a pair of old shoes aint good for no mans feet. I always thought foot care was for girls and I still believe it is but dont tell the lads down at the pub hey! So I admit it I go on shopping trips and I look after my feet… well I have to now anyway because of how bad my feet have been hurting recently.I guess also because I play A lot of football.. and I am one of those players who is always running around the pitch after the ball it was inevitable that my feet would given eventually.

I went to see a doctor to get a expert opinion.. he told me that I wasnt suffering from anything like plantar fasciitis (if you dont know what plantar fasciitis is, it is inflammation of the arches of your feet which can cause heel and foot pain.. overstretching and putting too much pressure on your arches and heels is the most common way of getting it), well not yet anyway but if I continued I might get it and I need to buy some insoles to support my feet and get rid of the pressure that builds up under my heels.. else this pressure will damage my heels.

So what have I done to help my feet out then? I got myself a nice pair of orthaheels… let me explain.

I couldnt be bothered with some bulky heavy or high end expensive custom made orthotics.. So what I settled for instead are some heel cups known as orthaheels.

The pain and soreness ion my feet seem to be centered around my heels and under them, I figured this was because my heels were not being cushioned enough in my shoes… the pain and pressure under my heels hurt when I walked and seemed to get worse as well if I just stood around for too long.. so I couldn’t walk.. I could stand around I couldn’t basically put any weight on my feet at all! GREAT!

It is a good thing I did something about all of this and acted when I did because if I continued to go on mwy shopping trips and simply have been a “man” about all of this I could have caused my self to get arthritis or plantar fasciitis.. as the pressure on my heels causes long term damage to them well that’s what the internet tells me anyway.

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