Could it be Tendonitis?

Recently I like so many other athletes (Okay, you caught me I am not really an athlete.. far from it as I hardly do any sports really) have been getting quite the case of sore pain in my knees. I am not really doing anything to cause this so I cannot possibly be getting runners knee, can I? However I have heard of a condition called¬†Patella (because it affects the patella tendon) Tenodopathy which is the gradually degrading of the tissues in your knee this condition is commonly associated with aging as our cells become weaker… I also heard of the tendonitis of the knee that can come along because of simply using your knee and frequently causes pain for people who use their knees a lot… like sports people, so this kind of put me off doing sports. How Patella Tenodopathy and Tendonitis starts hurting and weakening the knee is simply.. through shocks or degeneration small holes start to appear on the Patella tendon, this gets worse and worse as time goes on or the shocks persist. Iv looked into how I can better prevent all of this and Looks as though buying a knee support are meant to help.. I have also heard that shock absorbing insoles which help prevent shock and the jolts created on impact when your feet hit the ground from traveling up to your knees and causing the damage in the first place…¬† so lets see! In my next post I will be talking more about this… post your comments below if you have any questions!


*There are a lot of different injuries you can have which can result in knee pain, the best thing to do always is go see your doctor or somebody who knows what is what!

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