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There is a new trend hitting the internet and a new skill that every web designer needs to now have which is to be able to make responsive web sites. More and more people are using the internet on the go in their busy day to day lives and because of advancing technology people can easily, quickly and more affordable get online like this. So more and more internet users are using their mobile phones to surf the web which is great news. But what does it mean for webmasters.. well webmaster now must update their sites and make to accommodate the mobile market if they want their site to get ahead. Search engine are also targeting and putting sites that are mobile responsive at the top of the results as well this is because search engines know that more and more people are using their mobile and tablet devices to surf and the search engines want to give searchers results that can be used regardless of what device they are using otherwise if the search engines did not do this and only showed results that could be shown on desktop computers or a device with a fast internet connection then the search engines would simply be alienating a huge proportion of internet users which is bad for business which ever way you look at it really.

What makes a responsive website? Simply the css responds to the size of the screen that is being used to view the website. The divs rearrange and re-size according to the dimensions dynamically like bigger buttons and easier ways to navigate and to interact with the site such as touch screen compatibility making it easier for users on mobiles to use your website.

Sometimes however a responsive design isn’t enough to get ahead and to make you site great for mobile usage…. remember mobile phones cannot always cope with heavy resources so you must make sure that images are smaller enough and compressed correctly to reduce resource usage and to make loading the site easy and fast on mobiles. Making sure that your server is quick will also make you site much faster as well and better for mobiles.

Getting a responsive website is a lot easier than most might think… if you are using word press for example you have got a huge range of simply responsive designs that you can freely pick from… You can also find many free or premium themes that are responsive. As you can see responsive design is important but there are other things you must take into account to really have a mobile website. Making sure that everything loads quickly does require some knowledge and also a good server that is quick to respond.

Remember thought to not get responsive design mixed up with a mobile design here you can find the differences between the two (link removed… not working).

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