Google monopoly

Should google really be able to make money on other peoples work? It is quite a debate that has started in the internet marketing world thanks mostly to google new updates and algorithms changes that are deeply upsetting webmasters. Googles changes make it harder for webmasters to get their website to rank on the very popular internet search engine and even if they do webmaster are concerned that so many ads now on the search results pages that being number one for a keyword will not yield enough traffic for the amount of effort for a small business to get there in the first place. Another thing that is worrying webmasters is that google is scraping data and publishing exact answers to queries onto the search result page… usually websites that are using schema are scraped and then the information published directly onto the search result page making clicking off google pointless. Is it really right for google to be doing this? When the original writer wont see anything in return only increased bandwidth usage from google scrapers ripping piece off their own site and republishing (as competition) on google? Internet marketing is getting harder and it is not being helped by these internet giants using webmasters for free content and giving nothing in return plus google and other search engine shave so many rules which webmasters must keep up with in order to keep on top that seo and running a business online just simply becomes a game of cat and mouse where if you are caught even if you have done nothing wrong (negative seo) you will have to say goodbye to your business on the internet.

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