Churn and burn websites

Small time businesses simply cannot last long in google anymore partly due to really harsh penalties for even the smallest webmaster mistakes like forgetting to set up your robot.txt properly to block google bot from crawling duplicate pages or even something like negative seo which is not your fault at all. So it really is no wonder that small business are resorting to spamming to make it online instead. The investment and risk of setting up a long term business on the internet that ranks and gains customers form google is far to big, this is why small business owners are resorting to spamming and making short term website that will only rank for a week or so, are quick to and inexpensive to make and will rocket to the top of the search results with automated spam. This technique is something that has been the reaction to googles constant war attempts to crush and penalize small business in the search results, some even say google is trying to crush small online business in order for them to move over to adwords instead and pay to be seen on the search engine, but some small business owners are not letting google win and are proving quite successful with this new technique of churn and burn websites. For those that run these churn and burn websites they know that these churn and burn websites will have a short life span on google whether that is 1 week or a couple months until google catches on and penalizes the website but by that time they will have made some money and will have already set up more cheap and quick websites to just as easily take its place. We do not know whether this technique will last forever and if google will add something into a algorithm to change this or not but so far so good.

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