Ministry of sound: Anthems Trance

ministry of sound anthems trance album cover
Ministry of sound Anthems Trance has a complete collection of some of the very best trance anthems from the 90s right up to now. If you are into trance music (like me) you really cannot go without this cd. Buying cds maybe out of fashion as people have long forgotten about the now novelty of playing music from cd but this cd offer so much more (you can also download the albums well on itunes). Packed with 3 cds, cd1 and cd2 being the best with the most heard of and classic dance and trance anthems you will also may hear some old trance anthems which can blow you mind as well which you may never have heard of before as there really is a huge amount of songs in this album. You really cannot beat the anthems on this cd but that being said some of the newer songs on the final cd aren’t as good.. maybe a sign that the music industry just doesn’t get trance music anymore…. true trance and dance music fans will question whether some of the songs that are present on cd3 should be there at all.

I would give this album 7 out of 10 I would have scored it higher if it including more classics and less “new” songs which aren’t really trance. If you like 90’s and early 2000’s trance music then be sure to get this. Also the way the ministry of sound packages all of there albums you get far more than just a album and so much more then just downloading it from itunes as well and this album would make a terrific gift.

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