Negative seo

There is something dark hitting the internet this new phenomenon is something called negative seo. You may or may not have already heard about seo depending on how much of a nerd you are.
Well seo is a abbreviation of search engine optimization in which you create links and optimize your site accordingly to make your site rank higher. Since google began and started the whole idea of using links to measure trust and quality of sites and a factor to determine where a website should rank people have been using links to rank their sites as the notion is that people naturally link to useful sites so the more natural links then the better the site right?(some argue though that great sites can never get links simply because people do not know about them and thus do not link to these great sites though that is not the point of this article).
This is one of the reasons why you see amazon dominate the search results because it has over a billion links. However links are very easy to create especially creating thousands of spam link with automated tool so this has caused google in the last couple of years to act and penalize website that are creating spam link in order to cheat the search engine into ranking their website higher than it really should be.

Google has been getting much stricter with what links they count for ranking in their search engines and will even go as far as to penalize those that are deemed trying to trick google with spammy links. Google defends it actions of penalizing websites that spam on the grounds that if they are spamming then trust has been broken and who is to say all of the spamming sites links are also unnatural too. Another argument for penalizing spam sites is that if google simply ignored spammy link then spammer seo’s would simply try to spam everything they can (for example blog comment spam with links inserted in the comment or name or forum post spam littered with tons of links) in the hope that in one out of a thousand spam links posted google may accept one or two and eventually these numbers will build up and the spam site ranks highly in the search engine penalizing sites makes sure that this does not happen. However there is a big, well massive problem with all of this negative seo.
What if a competitor simply makes google think that a said site is creating unnatural links by creating the spam link for them.

Google despite how bigger monopoly this internet giant has on the internet does not know who made what links and why the search engine can only guess. Penalizing website like this really does pave the way for competitors to hurt other sites rankings if done right and excessively. Negative seo is already being done and is proving effective with many websites dropping from the search results.

Some blackhatters who do negative seo will even go as far exploiting design flaws of a website and use url injection techniques to to create spammy pages on a competitors website which google can pick up such as creating pages that have 99% keyword anchor text density of a targeted anchor text which is surely bad for any website mix this in with spammy links and it will not be long until that website is removed form google or at the very least penalized.

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