Web design that all just looks the same

Web design changes according to new technology and also trends. Back when the internet was just started out in the 90’s everything was done with static html and with under developed css and with slow internet connections big pictures, wild designs and interactivity was very limited. Then came web 2.0 and dynamic websites which evolved web design and everybody seemed to started using beveled designs and navigation. We now have a lot more freedom with our website designs thanks to advancing technology yet some designers still choose to copy everybody else the reason for this could be the fact that the designers are not using their imaginations enough or are using a framework that they cannot customize enough and results in similar looking websites.

You can spot obvious trends and fashions in web design… many webmasters who are not even designer will you free themes that have the latest web design trend added to it simply because all the latest designs will be trying to achieve this. At the moment websites that are full pages and arranged to have a side bar at the side are in whereas previously it was the minimalistic blocks and colors (this was due in part to bootstrap which made it really easy to make website but using it at basic level created simple website which could pass as being professional minimalistic designs though). It is rather interesting watching the latest design fashions in web design and very important if you are a designer so you know what to not do.. after all with web design being such a incredibly competitive industry making designs which are innovative and different is really what you should be doing and is where the money really is at… after all when a latest trend hits the web design scene it isn’t long until webmasters and bloggers can pick up the design for free somewhere. The latest trend the one with the sidebar on the left hand side has been floating around far a little while with a few web designer messing around with the concept however this design has hit the mainstream so to speak when word press released there new default twenty fourteen theme using this style, so now it really will not be too long until you will find the vast majority of websites using this style of design and soon you will be just as sick of seeing it as you were to the minimalist simple bootstrap block color designs. If you are a designer think differently about your design and the way you express ideas and try not to conform to ideas of other designer but create a design that means something to you and you will not be one of the design sheep that just mass produce designs for the sake of it and for superficial reasons…. you designs will be far more inspiring and heck you might even be the one that starts off the new trend at least you will be able to sya that you started the style that everybody gets sick of instead of just one who copies it.

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