Apprenticeships are scams

In the uk there has been a huge rise in the number of businesses offering young people apprenticeships, but do not be fooled by the generosity these apprenticeships are nothing more than scams.

Apprenticeships have been set up to exploit the youth unemployed. The recession has given employer a perfect excuse to use things such as apprenticeships to get cheap labor.  Business and even the government are trying to sell the idea of apprenticeships as something positive a way to start a career giving you in work experience and also whilst you are learning on the job a income as well. Some critics and feel though that some apprenticeships are being set up solely to get cheap labor and to exploit the youth unemployed. For example getting a apprenticeship is not about how good you are or how qualified but merely how much it will cost the business employing you and if you are young enough for the employer to be able to get full funding from the government if you however are over a certain age 18+ funding from the government for the apprenticeship will be a lot less and thus the business even if you are over qualified and the perfect candidate for the job will not set you up on the apprenticeship simply;y because they can get someone younger who will be able get them the full funding from the government essentially giving the businesses free labor. Apprenticeships are cheap labor when it comes down to it and it also does not bother the business if they do not have the right candidate as after all it will give them a good excuse to sack the apprentice near the end so they do not have to promise any job at the end of it all…. or even if you do not do anything wrong they will still drop you and replace you with yet another apprenticeship… so basically there is not a job at the end of these “scams!”. The government loves the idea of apprenticeships as it keeps the number of youth unemployment down even though the jobs are not really jobs at all. Most apprenticeships are pointless and would not require experience to do the job in the first place only common sense. No wonder the UK’s economics are in turmoil as rather than building up a good strong work force for the future the government and businesses would rather exploit the youth of today for short term financial gain today with meaningless apprenticeships which offer no real hope, or path.

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