Goodbye google

Are people getting sick of google. There is no doubt that the search quality of google is failing with more and more spam websites topping the search results or even when spam website are not dominating the usual and predictable website that everyone has heard of such as amazon and ebay dominating everything you can possible search for on google these kind of search results defeat the whol point of searching the internet as if you really wanted amazon and ebay results when searching for products for example you would go straight there… the same can be said about wikipedia as well for finding about (inaccurate) information on a chosen subject. It is this lack of choice in the search results that is making people tired and bored of google. Not only that but google has been around for quite a few years now and just like anything the masses get sick of the same old google and something fresh and new will soon take google’s place.. even if the search results are no better something offers something fresh for a new generation has always happened and google will soon lose its trendy freshness. A fresh and new search engine is needed! Search engines open up the door way of the internet giving people the opportunity to find new website and new ideas that they have never heard of before… googles greed of forcing searchers to only find the standard results like I mentioned above and making small websites pay to be listed does not make for a very good search engines at all. In fact it creates a stagnant superficial search engine.. and people are beginning to realize this.

It is in human nature for us to get bored of the same thing…

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