Design a site fit for purpose and not random

Designing a site fit for purpose is something all brands and website should aim for. I see time and time again that so many sites are just not getting the real point to web design and are creating sites that do not fit with the general idea or purpose of the website meaning the brand message is simply lost in a tide of confusion. If your brand and website means some thing and is something you want to get across to your website users (which it should be) make sure to get this across and the best way to do this is from meaning in the design.

A good design should clearly distinguish you from other sites so picking a random premade theme that has been used time and time again is a no no not if you really want stand out, it is also pretty confusing if you are using a random theme that has no clear connection (not being tailor made) to your brand or business… Simply having a logo at the top with your brand name will no suffice and will not impress. If you do opt for getting a cheap or free premade theme for your site make sure it is not the one that looks the prettiest but the one that has some connection to what your brand is about and gives the right impression you want visitors and potential clients will gain from viewing your site especially from the first time seeing at as first impressions are usually drawn upon the design and overall look and style of a website.

For some this info will be quite obvious to say the least but with many not having the budget to afford tailor made web designs in this touch times for business so many people are just going for the cheap option and shooting themselves in the foot and picking any old design which may not actually fit the purpose of the brand.


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