Google biased and censoring search results

Despite indyweekblogs bandwidth being used up by tons of google spiders about 10, 000 crawls a week Indyweekblogs is not even indexed in google. Indyweekblogs does not have any spam links either and hopefully you will agree with me when we says that what indyweekblogs writes about isn’t spam just maybe a little anti google at times and we feel that this is the reason behind google deciding not to publish our website on their search engine and quite frankly we couldn’t care less, we get plenty of exposure and traffic from social networks anyway and with plenty of subscribers we really dont care if we are on google or not. But all of this does prove that you just cannot trust what google is showing you, although it would take manual review to judge what websites are against googles own views and such to deindex from their automatic search engine you have to question whether your answer isn’t showing in the search engines because google simply does not want you to read it… Many searchers will automatically assume that google is showing them all the possible results on the internet but google penalizes websites and even dindexes them completely so what you are seeing in the search results may not be actually the full picture. Food for thought hey! Discuss below what you think!

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  1. This really is not good at all, take for example if their was a election coming up and google simply deindexed everything to do with one political party... because so many people take what google says as the truth and that all results on google are the only results it really can create massive propaganda!

  2. I have always wondered why I search on google for something and then when I want to find that website again on google for the same search it isnt there at all..... hmmmm This is all very anti democracy and controlling what people know.

  3. I actually cannot even find this website on bing either...... these search engines are all as bad as each other and all are just out to use people and make money I am sure they are being paid a lot of money to display above other certain political views.

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