Nest Labs bought by google for $3.2 billion

Nest labs is a home appliance company that specializes in home appliance that are smart…. and exactly why Google is interested in the at first sight random company. Google has acquired this company for $3.2 billion in a attempt to sneak into peoples homes and learn more about people at home and sell the data it learns. Nest Labs specializes in thermostats that learn when to turn themselves on according to if you will be in or out this information would be vital to google and could easily be sold to advertisers letting them know the best time to either contact you are just simply to learn about consumer habits. Another thing MANY are concerned about is the fact that if google controls your thermostat they virtually have controls on your heating and energy usage too. There is a rather ridiculous (or rather not so anymore) paradoy on Grand Theft Auto V that jokes about a internet giant making everything thing in your house searchable this does not seem to far off becoming reality as google further destroys people privacy and invades your home now. Is google going to far? The military grad robots google is acquiring would say so!

*Even if you ar enot that bothered about privacy it enablesĀ  Google to have even more control over peoples lives and expand into other markets offline which all monopolies try to do…

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  1. This is just getting stupid... are they gonna fit cameras into these devices as well so you basically have CCTV for the government to spy on you in your own home now? Creepy. You would really be a real saddo nerd if you had to have your toaster "connected" and have its own google+ page but no doubt this is the future because google controls the media on the internet and will only display what google wants to be displayed on the internet. everything against google is against googles guidelines and will not be shown on google.......For example indyweekblogs aint on google funny that!

  2. Just crazy pure craziness.... I hope the general public will not be stupid enough to let google use them and learn more about them and make them google slaves. I say that google should be destroyed.

  3. Knowing Google you will probably be locked out of your own house and you will need to verify your mobile to be let back in.

  4. This just reminds me of that Simpson episode when they install a robot house but then it turns evil and tries to kill homer..

  5. I say let the rich fools get spied on by google.... if there that dumb to buy this pointless toys just to show off to their friends google can take away all their freedom for all I care..

  6. $3.2 billion is nothing compared to amount of homes this monopoly now can invade.... google is basically malware.

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