Song suggestions this week! We got some forgotten ones here!

What music should I listen to…hmmm?

We are going to be starting a new tradition on the SCAN blog and that is quite simply giving you a song to listen to a week. We will not be suggesting any already well known songs but songs you might not have heard of before, really obscure underground songs or ones that have been forgotten about and hardly ever played on the radio. Good tradition right?

The first one on our list is the Manic street preachers – motor cycle emptiness.

The music video for this song is really quite cool, it is set in Tokyo and I think the meaning behind it is being in a strange place not being able to communicate and so just generally drifting on.

If you have not already heard this song or you have simply not heard it in a long while then I suggest you listen to it… You will easily find it if you search on duckduckgo for it and you really wont regret it if you are into your indy rock music. The song doesn’t make sense and nor is it meant to really

The next song is for all you guys that really enjoy dance music….

Ultra beat – feeling fine, is a classic dance song and I personally have not heard it being played on the radio in a long time… It really is a great feel good song and really does send you back a couple years where everything was well..fine!

Finally the last song as all good things come in threes is Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street this maybe a very well known classic which just about everybody has heard of before but a list of good song choices just wouldn’t be complete without a classic like this now would it?

So if you are struggling to think of what music to listen to I hope at least you will listen to these songs…. and then in a couple minutes after listening to them all you will be asking the exact same question.

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