Indyweekblogs back on google!

Since we started this blog we could not be found on google because of a manual action taken out on the domain name classing the domain as pure spam. We are now back on google. After a successful reconsideration appeal against google manual action of “pure spam” taken on our website. We are a new blog but the previous owners of the indyweekblogs domain used to use it to spam apparently this meant when we got hold of the domain even if we posted some amazing stuff here we wouldn’t never get on google because of the manual action attached to the domain name even though the spammer no longer use this domain anymore. But all is as it should be as we have explained the situation to google in a polite reconsideration request using their google webmasters tools. What we said if you are in a similar boat to what we were in is that we were the new owners of the domain and non of the old spam can be found on the site anymore as it is a fresh website.. within about a week (which is apparently rather quick as some webmaster have reported only hearing back form google after a couple of months) google acted and revoked the action meaning we can now be found on google.. great news and this means that hopefully not only will we be more motivated to post useful and great stuff here on indyweekblogs but hopeful we will get some good traffic from google and people will be able to enjoy and find our great blog posts too! Lets hope this is the last trouble we have with the search engines and it is just onwards and upwards for us!

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