Wordpress vs drupal

What is better WordPress or drupal? Well if you are making a personal blog you may want to go with WordPress but if you are making a huge website with lots of different functions then go for drupal!

WordPress is a nice easy and simple content management system which can really be a joy to work with and customize if you are wanting to JUSTĀ  make a personal blog. There are lots of plugin to expand your wordpress site into social networks (buddypress) a forum (bbpress) or a shop (woocommerce). however it has to be said that these plugin are very limited and it is hard to break away from the very generic set up and features, this means if you are wanting something unique (something that people wont guess is wordpress) you will need drupal.

Drupal has huge amount of modules that you can install easily (but sometimes not simply) that can really change the whole style and function of your website compelelty. Drupal can be sued to just be a personal blog… but it can also give users the abiltity to sign up and start there own blog on your site. Also with shopping, forum, social networking and a ton other modules you can pick and mix them to suit your needs and create something totally unique. The only problem with modules is that because there are so many and because drupal is always updating itself some of the cool modules you may find may not work with your latest version.

With both wordpress and drupal you will be able to find lots of free themes and paid for themes. In my opinion drupals themes that really are the best, the reason I say this is because I think most wordpress themes just seem to have the same old wordpress style and composition whereas themes you can get for drupal can be radically different in every way!

How about security? WordPress sites often the most compromised sites on the internet… this is due to the level of bad plugins and themes (you do have bad modules and themes for drupal as well) because so many people use wordpress it is quite a target for hackers to mass hack wordpress sites with bad plugin and themes… You may have less problems with drupal because many of the modules and themes are actually designed and created by drupal themselves.With any CMS it is best to keep updated and on your guard.

There is a alternative to wordpress and drupal which is joomla, but this content management system is not worth your time as it is far to rigid and a high level of php knowledge is needed to really get to grips with Joomla and even then with the way Joomla works the workflow of posting new content maybe quite difficult even then.

But it has to be said that drupal is not as simple to use than wordpress and can be quite a tricky learning curve if you are used to wordpress at first…. but it really is worth it!

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