This weeks top song choices!

Hello this week we have a got a small handful (only 3, but great!) of some classics for you that you should listen to right this minute! Remember the 90’s? It was a far better time the 00’s and a lot better than what ever decade you call this as far as music and culture goes! So listen to some classic oldies like….

Reef – place your hands! This song really does take you back in time to a better time! I think that this piece really is where indy/rock music peaked… and everything after this and other music around in the 90’s just failed to come close to what some of the music in the 90’s was like…

Next song in our list for you guys is…

New radicals – you get what you give. What more can I say… If you say you dont like this song you must be kidding yourself, as it really is one of the best feel good songs!

All good things come in threes so finally let me give you the last of our song suggestions this week which is

Nirvana – smells like teen spirit, has to be the best rock song ever! This song and band is a far cry away from what the music industry is today! Annoyingly this song and nirvana has been adopted by people who just dont “get it” and just like it because its cool….. which isn’t what it about at all.

*This has to be all the evidence you need to tell you the 90’s were the best years for music!


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