How to grow taller AND FAST!

You have to admit it.. the reason why you stumbled across this blog post was because you were looking for ways to grow taller! Don’t be ashamed everyone just about isn’t 100% happy with their height and wishes to be just a couple inches taller!

So here are some things you should probably know.


WHEN YOUR GROWTH PLATES FUSE USUALLY JUST AFTER OR DURING PUBERTY YOUR BONES WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO LENGTHEN. This means that you cannot “grow” taller at any age, though you can still increase your height at any age by doing stretches and improving your posture.

By doing stretches you can increase your height by a couple of inches. The trick to stretches is that you are going to be increasing the muscles strength in the muscles supporting your joints and spine with better support gravity will have less effect on compressing your spine and joints together. In between the vertebra in your spinal vertebra and in between your joints is cartilage, gravity compresses this cartilage together making you smaller.  This is exactly the reason as to why you are a couple inches taller in the morning just as you wake up than you are later on in the day, all because gravity has not been pushing down on your joints or spine through out the night and this cartridge and space between the joints and vertebra expands.) Having stronger muscles helps to keep the joints better supported and creates resistance to gravity ensuring that gravity cannot compresses you as much! It is as simple as that.

One of the best stretches you can do to help stretch out your spine and improve muscles strength in the supporting muscles for your back are pull ups. All you need to do hang from a bar above your head and pull your self up.

-Having better posture and not slouching helps to keep the back healthy and reduce strain on the back and stop back pain too.

What about diet?

Diet, as I said above once your growth plates have fused that is it.. not even the best diet in the world can spark your growth again! (it is still advisable to eat a healthy diet even when you are older for the best possible health) But if you are still growing you may prevent stunted growth (one of the biggest reasons as to why many people are small!) by ensuring that you lead a healthy lifestyle (no smoking or drug abuse) and eat a balanced diet. Some say that eating lots of amino acids (amino acids are the fundamental ingredients to growth and repair in your cells) found in protein (think: eggs, chicken, steak)  can be a good idea which it is, however getting a balanced diet is far more important than focusing on one food group alone. For example drinking plenty of milk gives your bones the calcium needed for them to grow strong and healthy but you also need vitamin D (most common source of vitamin D is sunlight) to help your body better absorb the calcium from the milk when it is being digested. This is a example of how you need to get the balance right to ensure that you get the best out of your diet! Junk food and empty calories (for instance a chicken burger from a fast food restraint.. you may think the chicken will give you plenty of protein however the chicken will be empty in any real nutrition as it will have been processed and filled with preservatives and fillers) may fill you up.. but the empty calories do not have a nutritional benefit so should be avoided.

Your body needs food to grow taller… make sure you give it what it needs!

Insoles to make you taller!

Okay, you maybe thinking that growing taller means a eating  a healthy diet and living a healthy  lifestyle, stretching everyday to improve posture and there are not enough hours in the day for all of that. Well there is always the “cheaters” way. Though technically you will not be growing any taller but other will think you are.

Height increasing insoles (heel lifts). Probably one of the best inventions ever for small guys who want a instant boost. I have worn them myself (even though I dont really need a height boost) and they are comfortable, and actually do make you look and feel much taller.. you get an ego boost as well because the huge difference it makes to your height does go to to your head as you look down on everyone else (though that might just be me).

You may have heard of elevator shoes and been put off by them because people always mock those wearing elevator shoes because they have silly tall heels that every one can see.. plus to top it all off the shoes cost a bomb to buy! Height increasing insoles are far better though as they cost one tenth of the price and they slip into your normal shoes increasing your heel height without anyone even being able to see them.

You can buy full height increasing insoles which are a fixed height (however they are a little bulky and are better fitted into wide boots) or you can get some shoe heel lifts instead which are half insoles which just cover your heel, the clever thing with these ones is that you are able to adjust the height on the heels.. add you take away you height its up to you! The best ones I found are these insoles… as you can see that the soles are not too expensive.


Many website websites will try to sell you the whole scam that if you buy their human growth hormone injections or pills that these injections/pills will suddenly make your body start growing again at any age, but the fact is that this is totally wrong, YOU SHOULD NOT BUY HUMAN GROWTH HORMONES online no matter who convincing the sales pitch is. These website are always scams and even if you do receive what you order the injections/pills will either be fake or highly dangerous. Another scam lurking in the search results of google when you search for things like “how to grow taller” are affiliate marketers trying to sell you ebooks with the hidden methods and secrets that nobody else knows. This is utter garbage as there are no medical secrets that you will find out in these scam books all the information that you will find in the books will be available for free online (albeit hard to find because of all the spam and scams online) or you can simply see your doctor for FREE who knows all the tried and tested methods and knows you and your medical history.

Feel free to post any of your questions below!

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