Quick tip how to stop wordpress comment spam

If you ever dare enable auto approve comments on word press you will be inundated with millions of bot commenting so that they can to get free backlinks on your blog for seo and you blog will quickly get full up and if you website doesn’t get taken down by your host for to much resource usage then google will take your blog off the search engines for spam as the blog commentators will even start pointing spammy links to your blog as well… you become part of the link building pyramid which will wreck your seo efforts and cause google to think of your site as spam. Even if you do not dare turn this on your site still will get lots of spam comments filling up your pending approval pile. Stopping wordpress comment spam is so easy you therefore dont have a excuse not to! It is rather annoying but humorous at the same time reading through the hundreds of comments you can get when you first start up a wordpress blog… yes my post is “very appealing” and I make “very good points” though they never actually mention what points you make or you just get tons of track back and pingbacks in some far out language probably Chinese… but getting rid of this and only receiving the genuine comments is quite easy to do though it does mean readers have to fill out a little custom question that may annoy some but it the only way to stop spam. Captcha will not work as there are so many captcha breaker out there that are really intelligent and can even sometime solve captcha that are quite hard for even humans to read now. Setting a custom question in wordpress is you best chance at stopping wordpress spam all together, once you do this all spam simply stops!

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  1. I once did this and because of that the little swines started building links back to my site and my site quickly lost all its rankings..... though you could just point this website after accumulating tons of spammy links pointing to it to one of your competitors and get them penalized.. but I guess thats "immoral"...... but what really is moral in capitalism really? just because negative seo is direct.... its immoral? hmmm...

    ANywya cool tips....

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