Today I checked one of my websites to find some autistic little shit called “PrinceHackz” had hacked it. Yay… great I hope he dies a horrible death. At first I thought.. oh great…… it must have been my fault and that one of my WordPress themes or plugins had a vulnerability in them that let this hackerhole in. But after doing some research… by searching for the footprint the hacker left on my site. (The hacker couldn’t even get things right and attempted to post a ad.fly redirect so he can make pennies whilst destroying other peoples sites (luckily adfly have already banned his account by the looks of things.. whether this is because of the hacking or just part of the adfly no pay scam is anyone’s guess) on my site but messed up and ended up just posting a broken meta redirect that just simply echoed broken into the html of my site for all to see.

Anyway what I was saying was that I searched this footprint and found tons of other sites that have been hacked in the same way.. and guess what they are all hosted on centralhosts!!!!!! Centralhosts is not cheap eithier costing $1.49 USD which is nearly three times the price of godaddy word press hosting….which never gets hacked and far quicker and with far better uptime.. hmm I know where I am moving to.

I have not heard back from centralhosts but


*I do have the right frame of mind to report Princehackz” to the police.

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