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-UPDATE, apologies to host pair, We have a few guest posters that use this blog to post news and updates and unfortunately one of our posters posted this without using their brain really! After further review and comparison with other hosting indyweek and can safely say hostpair is quite reliable and wont magically disappear like so many cheap hosts do!  As hosting goes host pair is  one of the best if you are on a budget! It turns out that the persons who wrote this post was just angry only had a short lived downtime and this post wasnt really warranted just letting off steam….Indyweek will try to do a better job to monitor what goes on one of our blogs next time!



Recently I started using host pair for one of my small in fact very small wordpress blogs which does not bring in much traffic or use up much resources at all but that being said hostpair just doesn’t provide me with the results it promises and I expected, the blog is constantly slow to load and when it isn’t lagging behind it isn’t online at all that goes to show how bad these guys are! I went for this host because they were reasonably priced and because I wasn’t going for a  huge website only one that I wanted to be online and reasonably fast which isn’t much to ask for right? I went for the $1.80/mo plan that they were offering… which isn’t super cheap and not super expensive but you expect something for your money!  I honestly wish I hadn’t as they are seriously bad and they do not even try to tell you when you have downtime, I think that they are hoping that you will not notice your site is down or something…

On their site they are offering 99.9% uptime well to me I am getting it the other way around. If you are looking for some good hosting I wouldn’t go with these guys, I feel kind of scammed and out of pocket.

Oh another thing to point out is that even though your site maybe down with these guys their main website isnt.. they must save all the best servers and resources for themselves rather than their customers!!

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  1. Did you contact with our support for your issue? We didn't face any downtime recently. If you send me your domain name so I can look the issue. Please send email to

  2. We do maintain 99.9% uptime every month. If we fail any month then you can request SLA credit. Also we have server status page where you can see our server down or not. If we face any issue with our server we post the issue on our network status section.

    • We have a few writers on this blog and it seems that the guy who wrote this was just witnessing a little downtime and decided to write this.... When we asked he about this post he said that in retrospect hostpair was actually one the best and it was because other hosts were down at the same time as well which made things seem even worse.
      next time we will to make sure these negative review do not get posted here on indyweekblogs again. Sorry.

    • I was a little worreid about my servers uptime after I got a few intermittent warnings from google that urls in my sitemap were taking too long to load. I haven't had any alerts yet, but I feel a little better at least having some more proof when I demand a refund for unexpected overnight downtime

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