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Auto content writer offer bring nothing to the table, the fact is that the articles that it creates are poor, non unique and unusable! You are going to look pretty stupid if you do use the articles you create in auto content writer on your main site as one minute the article can be talking about making money and then the next minute the article might switch to talking about toilets! What auto content writer does is scrape articles from well known and well over used article directories and then mashes up the articles and that just about it! How this software mashes up the articles is by grabbing sentences or paragraphs from one article and combines them with other found in other articles its has scraped from using your chosen keyword and this often creates very unreadable and shocking bad results that are no good for seo. One of the features that auto content writer lists ont heir website is that it  “Articles are unique, readable” which si just a lie as all the sentences found in your article created buy acw are found elsewhere on the internet in some shape or form that is because articles directories have been scrapped and the articles used to death means that even if google doesn’t notices that your using extracts from that article the sentences from your article WILL be found somewhere else on spam sites elsewhere… Whats more even if you though that auto content writer would be able to spin words to at least make the sentences slightly more unique you would be wrong because auto content writer does not have a built in spinner….. I am failing to see what use auto content writer really is….. to make spam articles for negative seo maybe? Despite promises by the developer on sales thread on various forums auto content writer has not been updated in months. Auto content writer maybe cheap but you get what you pay for really….. a useless piece of rubbish.

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  1. Have you tried any other content generators like Kontent Machine or SEO Content Mahcine?

    • I have tried quite a few other content generators but such tried the trial version of seo content machine and it is a really great piece of software does everything you could possibly need..

      -grabs any article of any url really cleanly meaning no menu items or irrelevant stuff being grabbed too.
      -Translates articles
      -in built spinner which is quite good
      -and even can post to your worpress sites

      But the price is way too expensive and ROI isnt worth it if you arnet using the software as your main way to make money.. such as a churn and burn strategy because the content they make isnt acceptable for google manual review and your going to have to make a lot of spam sites to make up the huge monthly costs.

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