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Regardless as to the amount of money you pay for hosting you at the very least expect to have at least a functioning website…¬† and dont expect to get blocked by the servers just for viewing one page of your site! But this is precisly what I found when using two budget hosts for two of my sites. Here is my little quick review of these two… not good I am afraid…

  • ¬†Slow
  • constantly getting blocked even with the most simplest of tasks so imagine how your visitors will feel
  • bad support
  • and when all these problems aren’t occurring bad uptime!

Here are two hosts to definitely avoid at all costs, even if that cost isn’t much these two hosts are really not worth it despite how cheap they are…hostslim Europe and ironcladservers. These hosting company’s with such terrible servers that block you from even visiting your website are just unusable and quite frankly rubbish. These two low budget hosts may not cost too much but with the amount of frustration, stress and the fact that your website will be constantly down or simply you cannot reach it because the servers have blocked you means they aren’t worth it.

Hostslim has terrible support when I asked for help regarding why I could even access my websites cpanel without being blocked by the servers…( it is unlikely that just viewing the cpanel login pages took up far to much memory…maybe the host is trying to simply reserve as much space and cpu as possible so they can dump as many sites on the servers as possible). I did not get a proper response or any help what so ever. With hostslim I couldnt even get onto cpanel to set up my site.. I also kept on getting blocked I couldn’t get on ftp either.

ironcladservers is equally as rubbish and if you are looking for a website that is useable and one if you are using a content management system on and want to post a simple and small post on you will get a connection time out as they must have set the setting for that host so low that you cannot even post a small blog post without exceeding their limits.

Avoid these two I say! The moral of this story really is to avoid cheap nasty company’s like these!

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  1. iron clad servers is a bad bad host... I got it for one of my small website which doesnt get much visitors really but still the site was really slow.. not to mention if I post a post over a certain word length it blocks me which aint good at all!

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