Twitter money bot review

Don’t buy this bot it is useless piece of junk! Its not been updated in months, limited capabilities, cannot control accounts without babysitting them… no scheduler and no good!

Twitter money bot is supposed to be a quick and easy solution to automate things on twitter and quickly make campaigns that will make you money using one of the most popular social media websites in the world. BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Twitter money bot has been around quite a while now and there has been lots of apparent news on the upcoming new twitter money bot version 3.0 that is coming.. with lots of new features to improve on the lousy and rubbish previous versions.. but this version 3 seems to never come. On the blackhatworld forum thread about the upcoming update the developer tells how you will be able to get the next version for a discount if you already have twitter money bot… yet when buying twitter money bot on their official website it clearly states that all twitter money bot updates will be free! LIES! But it isn’t just these lies that make this bot the worst twitter bot around….Twitter money bot has not been updated either in a long time, with lots of broken features and a flawed way of working meaning that everything you do with the bot needs to be automated makes it a pretty useless piece of software anyway. It maybe one of the cheapest bot you can buy but there is reason why… if it wasn’t for the price nobody would touch it with a barge pole. It maybe able to quickly create mass twitter accounts fairly quickly and this is the only plus point to the software but you will need a lot of private proxies and even then your accounts will be quickly banned, the bot also does not verify the accounts either or even alters them so the accounts all seem like bots and look like bot accounts leaving a huge and easily traceable footprint.

The software doesn’t really automate things at all… you must log into each account separately, then you must scrape and specify what accounts to follow unfollow… meaning you cane easily get lost and get your account banned if you are not careful…

There are plenty more efficient and worthwhile bots out there and unfortunately you wont be making money off this one only getting head aches from using it.


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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I was tempted to buy this bot to get some more followers but I dont think I will bother now... partly because it sounds like the developers cant really be trusted and mainly because it sounds to rubbish for me :D does nay one know any other good twitter bots that I can use? Im not that bothered about making hundreds of accounts just managing 1 or 2 good ones and get loads of followers for them?

  2. I have noticed that they have released a new update for this bot, after checking it out it was the mediocre to say the least. The update added very little despite a year in the waiting for things to be fixed... They made a big point of adding a task manager though to the new 2.75 update to show off a new task module that is unusable until the version 3. obviously this is to let people see what they can have if they buy the next version...... I did not buy this twitter bot thinking I would need to keep on buying more updates... and I assume that the twitter money bot developers will not keep fixing the old version 2 when version 3 comes out so at the end of the day despite what it says on their website about free lifetime updates which has turned out to be a blatant lie.. I have just been scammed really with a bot that does nothing much and probably wont be working soon too! I say dont bother because when version 4 comes out all you guys who bought version 3 will be left in the dark just like us version 2 guys! Don't buy this rubbish I say! much better software out there that's less buggy, quicker, better features and the developers wont lie and try to cheat you out of more money.

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