Ironcaldservers rubbish

I have already blogged about how rubbish ironcladservers are which you can read here.. weeks after that blog posts things are still not looking good and I can still not even post to my own website without getting error forbidden messages and totally blocked from my own site. Ironcladservers has to be the biggest scam ever! I pay $19 annually for it and so far its because it is so rubbish (beyond belief) its currently just hosting a empty website because I cannot log into the ftp without being blocked and if I use the c panel instant software install feature when I have a content management system hosted it wont let me post anything or even change any of the settings without timing out and blocking me… it is remarkably rubbish and I would advise anyone not to go with these hosts because believe me they are garbage! Currently I am trying to find another host which will at least let me have a website and not just charge me and not give me anything for my money. What I think that they are trying to do is squeeze as much money out of their servers as they can, meaning they have put on so many features to limit what you can upload and the sizes of your uploads and bandwidth usage so much that it has made using a site on Ironcladservers impossible just so they can pack in more sites on their rubbish servers! I AM NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER. THE ONLY REASON I AM STILL WITH THEM IS THAT I FORGOT ABOUT MY WEBSITE AND NOTICED THAT THEY WERE STILL CHARGING MY PAYPAL.

So there you have it my review!

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