Stopping that knee pain once and for all!

Like I mentioned I would in some other post ages ago (im pretty sure I did and didnt just dream up that I did). I’m going to be telling you (and for my own benefit too so I dont forget myself) exactly how you can protect your knees from shocks and damage caused by sport or everyday life which could lead to injuries such as arthritis or tendonitis of the patella tendon in your knee… well what worked for me anyway!

Firstly what I now swear by are knee supports! They are really important.. many think that you should only be wearing a knee support if you have injured and weakened your knee… people dont know why they assume this as though if you start wearing a knee support when you haven’t injured your knee your going to cause problems for yourself.. which is not correct. It is really a good idea to start wearing a knee support especially when playing sport because of how they can prevent injury and support your knee. They do not cost that much and you can buy sleeve knee supports that only cost £10 and work really well as they adapt to the shape and movement of your knee. Sport can really put a lot of pressure on your knees and the sudden jolts and twisting in sport is the biggest cause of acl knee injuries as well as runners and jumpers knee so being protected and stopping sudden twists and jolts to the knee. The support stop over stretching too and prevent inflammation of the ligaments found in your knee.

Something else you can try are shock absorbing insoles. Like I mentioned in my last post small shocks may not seem a lot but overtime these small shocks that can occur simply by walking can cause small holes and damage to the pattlea tissue.. this can cause deterioration known as tendonitis… or if the shocks don’t get you old age can cause weakening and the break down of the patella tissue which is commonly known as tendonpathy. Shock absorbing insoles at least prevents shocks from causing damage or affecting the aging patella and worsening it further.

So there you have it two quick and simple ways to stop that knee pain! Hope this helped.. if you have any more questions please feel free to comment!

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