Google are selfish evil PIGS!

There goes all my money! So just like in one of Matt cutts videos where he says “he wants to break your spirits” (evil selfish bastard that’s what he is and I hope he gets what he deserves one day!) Millions of small businesses are struggling to survive (whilst the actual spammers are using churn and burn technique to rake in tons of cash selling their counterfeit goods) So by looks of thins google does not care if your site is spam site or not just if they can ruin your life! Im super bad issues issues with morons scraping my content a hacker spammer has by looks of things scrape my whole site and dozens others and is mashing sentences together with other irrelevant garbage and of course adding Oakley sunglasses, ugg boots, nike air and other fake garbage links to the articles which are then posted on millions of hacked hidden pages. So now if you search my brand name or a excerpt from my site you will find it in millions of places.. cannot send a dmca because they are only sentences.

I am slowly seeing my website vanish first a couple weeks ago for one keyword now my main money earning keyword. Lets just say that now I am not making any money whatsoever.

Why cant someone start a open source search engine. Where people can earn money for helping crawl the internet and other such stuff? (Actually that sounds like an incredibly good idea)

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