Stupid hosts to avoid!

Hey you! don’t use these following hosts!

  • Site5
  • weloverservers
  • levelhosting ca
  • shock hosting
  • hosting ultimo
  • cloudfyre
  • Inodehost

Currently I have sites on all of these hosts and they are terrible, when they are not down they are eithier extremely slow or getting hacked. If you ask me these hosts should be avoided at all costs! Save your cash and save your self stress. I wouldn’t say that these hosts are cheap either so its not like “oh it one of those things that should be expected with cheap hosts…” and you at least expect the hosts to be up even if they are cheap… which they are not by the way! Currently I am slowly migrating my sites away from them and using more well known and credible hosts such as 1and1 and godaddy instead which are miles better!

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  1. Always stay away from the little crappy ones like these! Your better off with the bigger guys... plus the bigger ones don't get hacked.. I got one of my sites hacked on another host similar to these which I found on a forum and it really wasn't my fault at all but the servers... even though they tried to make out it was my fault... but with a little research I found out that ever site on the server was hacked the same way..hmmmm!

    • You're talking with stereotypes.

      I've experienced hacking even on big, established companies with excellent security measures (Fatcow, BlueHost, SurpassHosting) on the contrary, I'm using a couple of small webhosts (WebHostFace,, and I've never had a single dowtime let alone an issue.

      It all depends on how a provider configures the VPS/Dedicated servers they are using, and in some cases (not always) on how cheap are the packages - you can't really expect good services from someone who like Shock Hosting gives 10GB space at less than $ 2/mo.

    • You are so right! I think when the big web hosts get too greedy or when they have too much dominance the web hosting industry than they really should have and set up servers quickly and cheaply that's when things go wrong and why competition when it comes to web hosts is very important for quality. I will look into those hosts you mentioned maybe for later projects. thanks!

  2. I highly doubt you had those issues with Shock Hosting, they are great.

  3. Iv been looking into a few cheap solutions for hosting for wordpress and found

    Meant to be good... searched for tsohost hacked and dint come up with any server related hacks and ran by a legit company by the looks of things.

    at £14 a year not bad at all.

    $2.20 a month = £1.50 I dont know what that compares to what we usually pay... hostgator is a big company though.

    usual price is 2.10 as there is 10% off right now...

    Gah so many hosts are so stupidly expensive though even for wordpress managed hosting which you would think should be as cheap as chips.

    • I've heard of TsoHost, but never tried them - UK hosts are too expensive for me, due to Euro/Pound currency rates.
      HostGator on the other hand....I would shun them even if they offered $0.01/mo deals; they - along with their EIG fellow brands BlueHost, Fatcow, iPage, JustHost, HostMonster, Arvixe, Site5 (these and many others are all owned by the same mother company, called EIG) - aren't worth half a penny; just run a search for EIG brands and HostGator reviews and you'll see hundreds of horror stories about their crappy service and unexisting support.

  4. I have a site hosted (if you can even call it that) on weloverservers.

    They deleted my whole site.... hours of hard work down the drain without warning and I had not even back it up.

    Slow.. oh so slow. If you host your site these guys you better hope that you dont have an expensive computer screen because you might punch it with frustration like I did.

    After they deleted my site.. I had to set up a new wordpress (manually.. they are cheap and don't have an instant install for wordpress) 30 minutes into starting my site from scratch again.. I get error establishing database connection... YAY Proof is in the pudding weloverservers are pathetic.

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