Scam hosts piggybacking on https version of your site

If you have bought cheap hosting from some random seller from a forum that is really cheap you may want to look at the https:// version of your site! It would seem that there is a new hosting scam going on and that is to piggyback seo juice from your site using the https:// version of your site… in other words you build up a great site on the http:// version of your site whilst the scam hosters use the https:// version to upload a dodgy site! The fact of the matter is that these scammers are exploiting google rank boost to https:// versions of sites… by putting there dodgy site on your https:// these spammers are not only getting paid by you to host your site but also getting a free domain to sap “seo juice”from so that they can rank their dodgy spam to the top of search engines.
If a google manual reviewer sees this dodgy site say goodbye to your site on google as chances are your site will be marked as pure spam and all your site will be removed not just the dodgy https:// version.

I run a number of sites and so far I have had bad experiences with the following:

-hostpair (DOT) com  (created a whole amazon affiliate spam website about coffee mugs on one of my sites hosted with them.)

-shockhosting (DOT )net decided to create a dodgy spam site on the https version of my site plus to add salt to the wounds also deleted the homepage of my website and create a spam page linking to their site instead.

-cloudfyre (DOT) net Thought it would be a good idea to duplicate there whole hosting site onto the https:// version of our site in an attempt to leach our seo power from our domain.

hostrush (DOT) com added some garbage spam discount site to our https version!It has to be said that I have around 10 sites that I host using cheap hosting because these sites are non commercial and I need to keep costs down and to say 4 out of 10 doing this trick is not good I think I am going to just be using hosting all my sites on one reseller account on a secure and trustworthy host from now on!
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