Godaddy managed wordpress hosting… what a load of rubbish! I have a few sites hosted with godaddy with there¬† “managed wordpress hosting” 12 in fact and as I am writing this post I cannot access all 12! It isn’t that the hosting is down it is because for some dumb reason I am blocked from my own websites! Godaddy has really messed up somewhere because yesterday I was blocked all day from accessing my wordpress sites and still today I am blocked… However it is something more than just a simple ip block because otherwise I would have been able to access my sites today as my ip is dynamic and has changed since yesterday.¬†Isitdownforme reports that my sites are just down for me and not everyone hence why I think it is something to do with my whole ip range being blocked. How annoying.

In the godaddy dashboard there are no reported problems and displays the snapshot image of all of my sites.. but if you click on manage which should take you to the admin dashboard of the wordpress site… “The connection has timed out”.¬† . whats more with godaddy managed wordpress hosting there isn’t actually anyway to check or change blocked ips unlike with cpanel hosting. I don’t mind godaddy blocking ips ranges from china or other countries spammers or hackers tend to come from but blocking ips ranges from the Uk is flaming ludicrous.

Godaddy has increased the price of managed wordpress hosting too.. more than tripling the price so it costs the same as cpanel hosting despite it being this rubbish! I think the cheap as chips price at first was to just tempt in people.

Has anyone else had this problem? Comment below if you have!

Update:Day3 and I still cannot access my websites!

Update:day4 still blocked… even after being on the phone to godaddys apparent “award winning support” for an hour.. what a waste of time that was!

Scratch all the above I have just found out that it is not down to Godaddy at all.. The problems lies with my internet service provider (isp) which is BT internet. It seems that because the wordpress managed hosting is being hosted on shared hosting… I am sharing an ip address with a site that has illegal content and because BT/IWF block whole ip ranges of servers my site is now blocked! I hate bt! I dont know if this block is permanent I will let you all know soon!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this.. much better than all the other godaddy reviews on the internet about there hosting... which are basically just scams trying to get you to click there affiliate link. I know now to avoid these rich scammers!

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