Google plans to ranks sites based on facts! This is fascism!

I am not going to insult your intelligence by telling you just how important search engines are to the internet and how information found ont he internet can both promote, teach, motivate and inspire people. Search engines have always been the number 1 ay to find out new information on the internet and google dominates the search engine market with its tight worldwide share of around 80%. Google gets around 1 billions unique visitors using its search engine each month alone.

By the looks of a recent scientific research paper that google has recently published Google is about to take full advantage of its dominance in search to help it better censor websites based on the websites content and what the content is saying. By cross checking information on websites the “googlebot” extracts from websites with that found in their own built knowledge base filled with information and facts Google aims to penalize/demote any site displaying information that it does not think is “right”.
In the research paper google says that they aim to penalize sites not telling the truth (fascism) such as gossip websites that are popular and have gained a lot of links by people who likes the site… but google knows best apparently. Google also said that it takes a lot of effort and CPU to do all of this so eliminating popular sites that sometimes tell porkies doesn’t seem worth it does it? Surely google has another reason for censoring sites based of truth?

This new tech that google is apparently working on  has huge ramifications for innovation and freedom of speech. Firstly website owners already fear breaking Google guidelines which if broken by a website google will penalize that site. People are so fearful and dependent on search traffic that they will do just about anything goole tells them to do in the hope of ranking so it is not so far fetched to say that website owners will steer their content towards that of wikipedia (a source that many of the facts of the knowledge graph of extracted from) this will greatly impact the depth and uniqueness of information on the internet as more and more site become wikipeida clones.  freedom of speech may also be impacted as it does not take a lot to add correct and incorrect ideologies to the google knowledge base allowing google to eliminate any site going against googles own ideologies… after all why not google is already one of the biggest lobbyist in America suredly this would come in handy for google.

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  1. Google already has too much power as it is.. imagine them being able to dictate what is true or not... They are already a very exploitative company so no doubt that they would use this to their full advantage and people will believe anything that google tells them.

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