Beware NameJet is a scam!

Is Namejet legit? Or is it phishing to try to steal you identity? When signing up for namejet you need to provide them with a copy of your passport, but why would any company need to have a copy of your passport? In the wrong hands a copy of your passport can easily be used to steal your id…. but for some dumb reason (or sinister reason) Namejet requires you to give them a copy of your passport to become a verified bidder (enabling you to bid on some of their auctions). Along with your credit and bank information you supply to Namejet all of this information that Namejet tells you to give to them can EASILY be used to steal your identity (can be used to take out loans and mortgages in your name). You have no idea who is receiving and keeping copies or your passport and personal information.
I got into contact with Namejet recently to ask if there was a SAFE way to become a verified bidder on Namejet… safe to say namejet wouldn’t even help me out… this is the message I sent to namejet….
“I have an account on Namjet and wish to become a verified bidder so that I can bid on the more expensive domains however the process of becoming a verified bidder is too risky as we understand it. Is there anyway that we can send details to the namejet team without risk of id theft? Sending a passport to a total stranger in America is too risky… especially when along with credit card information the details namejet asks for are way too important to just send a copy via email….. a rogue employee could quite easily keep a copy… steal the id or pass it on to someone else. Is there a way such as blocking out certain information from the passport copy that can help to protect my id? Or is there alternative photo copy id I can send which isnt as risky?
Namjet’s reply was blunt stating that they take there verification process very seriously and would not accept any other lesser important id or would allow me to protect myself from id theft whatsoever.. all meaning that I would have to put my sole trust on a total stranger in America I have never met before.

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  1. I can concur namejet is a total scam.. noway any legitimate business needs that sort of information..... you got to be a complete moron to give some total stranger your passport. Honestly even if namejet itself isn't in the id fraud business some rogue employee could be..... and how would you know if someone has kept your copy of your passport..... you dont because there on the other side of the world.

  2. hmm sounds really fishy to me! Don't trust anyone with your passport... do you know that it can takes year if ever to clear your name after id fraud!

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