Google is evil!

There is no doubt that Google is an evil cooperation.

Comment below and let off some steam about how much you hate this Evil cult that is Google.

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  1. Who ever dominates search dictates basically who can and cannot be seen on the internet.... Unfortunately Google dominates search and Google is ran by Larry page a sadists who says he would rather give his cash to another capitalist than give his cash to charity when he dies.

  2. My reasons are simple.........

    -Google is an evil fascist cult

    -Google is the biggest lobbyist in America.

    -They are actively trying to demote and censor as many small businesses on the internet as they can in order to push them into using adwords

    -Despite Google scraping and stealing peoples content in order to exist google says Google hates you so much that Larry page a Co founder says that if you make money from google and you did not pay Google that this is theft (He really is an evil asshole).

    -Google is also blurring ad and normal search results together to trick searchers into thinking that what they are seeing is an actual result when in actual fact it is just a paid listing.

    -Google is planning to add buy now buttons to the search results in order to keep users on Google at all times and to dominate online eCommerce completely.. they arent just happy at decided what eCommerce sites do well and what do not.. they want all the pie!

  3. Google should be stopped...... but dont count on the government stopping them because google pays them a lot of money... Google also manipulates search reuslts too for elections as obviously they dont want a party to get elected whom want help them.

  4. Using search engines to find new sites is the most used way nowadays! Search engines are such an important part of the internet so much so that without them finding things on the internet would be near impossible. Due to the fact that search engines are so important and so many people use and trust them search engines have a lot of responsibility.... unfortunately Google who is by far the most dominant search engines is deceiving searchers and manipulating its search results to favor its own properties and its cooperate friends......eradicating any competition and stopping anyone from going anywhere else apart from amazon or ebay. NOW WHY IS IT THAT GOOGLE HAS SO MUCH POWER THAT IT CAN LITERALLY DESTROY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLES BUSINESSES WITH JUST ONE CLICK..????? AND WHY DOESN'T ANYONE STOP THEM?

  5. Recently one of my own sites has been deindexed by Google.. for pure spam when the site wasnt spam at all! Google is simply censoring my site from the search results because Googles doesn't like what I have to say... as most of what I had to say on that site portrayed Google in a bad way ie told it how it is and how greedy google is and how they are destroying peoples livelihoods and exploiting their dominant position in internet search to do evil. I swear if I ever met the Googler who destroyed my site I would kick their head in.

  6. In the uk Google wants everyone's medical records and it looks as though the Tories are going to give them to them! Eeeeek.

  7. All you guys hating on googles.. don't worry there bland and fascists approach to things will mean they wont be around much longer. Yay!!!! Remember to quicken up things by telling everyone not to use google when they search for things

  8. Pointing to another indyweek article about how google plans to ranks sites not on links but by facts just shows that google will soon be influencing much more than just mere search results. Already people take the first search results as the truth now imagine google being to spin those search results to inline to their kind of thinking! Google has already shown that they couldn't care less about fairness (ie they destroy many small businesses as a result) and lobby the government so democracy isnt something google is for either....... they are an evil and sick company with way to much power.

  9. The internet is a stagnant place for most normal people nowadays if they are not "in the know" of where to go for really good sites....because google sucks!

    ThatS what happens when search results are manipulated and contrived by google. OH HOW IRONIC! :)

    Google has made so many small businesses go under..... hopefully soon once a new better search engine comes out like apples new spotlight those nasty Googlers will loose their jobs. though the fat cats at the top will probably just retire on their millions in ill gotten gain but they are slug people so they will probabaly die of something nasty eventually because that what happens to fat greedy people.

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