Don't buy desktops from Ebuyer they are rubbish and Amazon is even worse!

Recently I bought a new Lenovo Thinkcentre E73 TWR Desktop from ebuyer.. it is awful! This desktop has cost me £220 and isnt much faster than my old 6 years old desktop which by the way has over the years become jam packed full of junk eating away at the memory and RAM.. I haven’t even installed or added anything to my new desktop and it is mind numbingly slow and laggy.
To further add salt to the wounds Ebuyer the week after buying my Lenovo Thinkcentre has decided to slash the price to £189.99…. DOH! But even at the new price the desktop seriously isn’t worth it…….. I cannot believe just how slow it is for example I installed Mozilla Firefox and simply opened 4 tabs then I opened a 5th and firfox started to go white and show “not responding” wow just wow! The slowness did not get any better even after uninstalling the bloatware that came with this pc.
Also the “thinkcentre” sounds as though it has a hard time thinking.. as there is a constant struggling sound coming from the desktop…. and don’t be counting on plugging in lots of stuff into the computer like hard-drives or wireless devices because there are only 4 ports and you will probably need two of them for your mouse and keyboard.

All in all I feel scammed and have just wasted my money on a computer not as good as my 6 YEAR OLD ONE!

Ebuyers return policy is simple if it isn’t faulty you cannot return it… I would guess that slowness wouldn’t be covered by these scammers and I wouldn’t be able to get a refund. According to ebuyers money back guarantee they will only give you your money back if you have not used the computer or have opened the box which is a bit stupid really.

All I can say is dont buy from ebuyer as they may sell cheap desktop computers but there is a reason why they are selling these desktop so cheaply it is because they are rubbish.

Amazon is even worse!
The same slow computer is also available on Amazon for £100 more! Amazon has such a strong grip on online eCommerce and has put so many small businesses out of business that amazon no longer needs to compete and can charge what it likes for out dated and old technology. The last time I bought a desktop from amazon I was given a useless piece of junk that was slower than smartphone.. yet cost more!

Update Im now getting weird problems for instance the computer mouse totally freezing causing me to have to restart the computer… but on start up the computer would not start and would just be black.. meaning I would have to turn it on off yet again to get the computer running again.

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  1. Thanks for the review I was just about to buy from ebuyer but now I will think again.

  2. I bought a desktop from ebuyer too.. It is unbelievably slow and like yours its making a weird noise all the time. To put things into perspective at just how slow it is... it takes probably 30 seconds to load Firefox up without anything else running.

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