My site on site5 got hacked!

My site that is hosted on site5 has been hacked!

For me this really is no laughing matter…as without my online shop I wouldn’t have an income at all! It took me 3 years to build up my online shop but by the look of things site5 have gone and messed up everything for me!

I decided to start using site5 for my main site because I needed something that would be always up and and fast and seeing as woocommerce themselves recommends site5 I thought I couldn’t go wrong with them.. but I was wrong!

If you search on Google (though I much prefer bing) for site5 hacked you come across tons of results with people complaining on forums about there sites being hacked… and by the looks of things its almost just about always sites5 fault whereby the hacked exploits a flaw in the server rather than a flaw in a vulnerable WordPress plugin or something. I just wished I did this before I signed up to there hosting plan.

A couple days ago I received a rather abrupt and rude email from site5 basically telling me off because spam was coming from my site. Spam? I thought to myself! After logging into to my ftp account and browsing around I found a rather odd looking directory in my root folder, which I had not put there! Inside this folder contained 80 weird files (which contained encoded base 65 code) and a file manager that if you opened up in your browser would allow anyone to create new directories and files on the site openly and freely. There was no question about it my site was hacked! This was pretty bad.. if I didn’t act soon to get rid of this from my site I could kiss good buy to my income.

I knew that this hack was not because of something I did as my worpress version, theme and plugins were all fully up to date. Plus because I couldn’t delete that rogue file meant that the hack had to be a server hack rather than a wordpress hack because who or what ever placed that file there had greater privileges on the server than I do.

Update: Even after getting the un-deletable files deleted and getting a all clear from site5… a week later my site has been hacked again with a fresh batch of bad php files dumped into a random directory on my root.

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  1. I wish I read this review beforehand.
    My site that is also hosted with site 5 was hacked... I am so mad!!!!! I would suggest anyone who hosts there site there should think about moving as soon as they can... even if your site hasn't been hacked yet and is secure it is only a matter of time until you do get hacked because they really don't know how to secure and protect servers there.

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