Dont trust Trustpilot reviews


When reading trustpilot reviews online, one must ask themselves how does Trustpilot make its money? The answer is from selling fake reviews!

Don’t trust trustpilot FAKE reviews. Recently I set up an account on trustpilot to manage reviews that I get about my site. A week later I started to get a call from a person called Rob claiming to be from trustpilot. Rob asked me if I wanted to gets lots of positive reviews on trustpilot rather than bad reviews, he then says that If I pay (protection money in other words) trustpilot could provide me with lots of positive reviews and can also automatically remove any reviews that were negative for me. I then told Rob what I thought of him and hung up the phone (I only wish I was recording the conversation so that I could have reported them to the authorities). I’m not a legal expert of anything but what Rob was suggesting sounds highly illegal to me and I am quite surprised that Trustpilot is allowed to remain in business.. because this is extortion and racketeering plain and simple.

Since declining to pay trustpilots protection money I have since noticed a number of positive reviews for my website disappear for no reason and I have had an unusual influx of generic non specific negative reviews written in poor grammar as though they were created using spintax (A way to create produce automated content on mass) written about my site. Luckily the trustpilot page for my site doesn’t really rank that well in search engine and the only way that people are going to find this page now filled with negativity about my site is if they actively search for it. Even if trustpilots extortion did start damaging my business there is still noway that I would start paying trustpilot because I would never let myself stoop to their level.

Hopefully people will start to wise up to what trustpilot is doing and trust them no more!

If you have had experience with Turstpilots dodgy ways or have been a victim of their deceitful and dishonest practises then I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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  1. I get more fake negative reviews on trustpilot than I actually get customers which tells you something. HATE THAT COMPANY !TRUSTPILOT SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN BREAKS SO MANY LAWS.

  2. I once wrote a pretty good and long winded review about some company that I bought something from on trustpilot and the next day I got an email from Trustpilot saying that they have removed the review because it “has been flagged by our software or our Compliance Team because we’ve been unable to verify the authenticity of it. ” which is just a load of bollocks for “the company that you wrote the review aint paying us enough so we decided to remove the review”... I also wrote a negative review for another bigger company (who weirdly didn't have a single negative review at all) that burnt me and that was taken down even quicker, within hours!
    There really isn't anything honest about trustpilot it all just a fix.

  3. I have had problems with trustpilot as well.... one customer emailed me asking me why I got there positive review removed on trustpilot when it was all trustpilots doing. :/

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