Why you should avoid buying computers from ebuyer


Recently I bought a new Lenovo computer from Ebuyer to replace my old computer that I have had for ages (probably over 8 years). I really wish I hadn’t bothered because it is the slowest computer I have ever used because it can barely browse the internet on Firefox without crashing for pity’s sake! So here it is my review….

Is ebuyer legit? Should you buy a new computer from ebuyer? The simple answer to both of these questions is NO! The reason why is simple, ebuyer rips off it customers who have little knowledge about computers specs by selling them extremely poor quality computers built with the worst possible parts imaginable. For instance Ebuyer sells branded computers that comprise of outdated budget processors such as the intel g budget processors which cost no more than £60 retail price which are then whacked together on the cheap with a simple case and a budget motherboard, these computers will only realistically cost around £80 (Manufactures will usually buy in bulk thus will get the parts for even less) at most to make. Ebuyer then sells these computers for £300+ on its website as though they are made out of the very best parts when in actual fact they are not and they are simply awful, awful computers that will struggle to even browse the internet with a few too many tabs open…. if you are thinking about playing games with your ebuyer computer then simply forget about it as you have no chance (I tried playing fallout 4 on a computer I bought from ebuyer and it couldn’t even load up the game, all it could display was a black screen! I also struggle to play 15 year old games such as empire earth and age of empires without lag).

To further add salt to the wounds even more ebuyer doesn’t do refunds! Ebuyer refuses to give refunds even if the computer is not fit for purpose. When I bought my computer from ebuyer I kept on getting blue screens of death which resulted in me having to do a system restore however the problem persisted, I finally decided to get into contact with Ebuyer to see if I could return the computer because the computer was not fit for purpose and according to the consumers rights act I am well within my rights to get a refund. However ebuyer fobbed me off and decided to refuse to give me a refund unless I contacted the manufacturer to get them to confirm that their was a fault with my computer. I then contacted Lenovo support who used their physic powers over the phone without even coming to look at my computer decided that there wasn’t anything wrong with my computer.

The moral of this story is that if you are thinking of buying a computer from ebuyer then I would strongly suggest not to, because they are a scam company. Don’t be fooled by the “unbeatable sales prices” that they have on their websites because there is a reason that they can knock £200 off a £500 computer.. it is because the computer was never worth £500 in the first place….nor is it even worth £300! All ebuyer is after is your money and once ebuyer has your money they couldn’t care less if your computer sets on fire and burns your house down.

If you have had problems with ebuyer then we would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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