Facebook helping to arrest "thought criminals" George Orwell style!


Facebook will now help the Pakistani government arrest people for thought crimes. Facebook will now work with the Pakistani government to help them to identify and remove so called “blasphemous” content on its website and give details of the poster to the Pakistani government. The Pakistani governments Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Chairman Ismael Shah has praised the decision by facebook as a “big achievement” and will mean many critics of Islam who live in the country and post on facebook have their lives at stake because the punishment of blasphemy under sharia law is death. Only recently a blogger named Ayaz Nizami was arrested and is now facing the death penalty in pakistan for being “blasphemous” for merely leaving the the religion of islam and being critical of its teachings (which isnt hard).

If that wasnt enough and you think your safe in a western country then think again, Facebook is also working with European countries to help identify and arrest people under “hate crime” charges (a made up law which has more place in an orwell novel than in real life) if you even dare criticize refugee policies.

In other wods facebook is a total scumbag company who are working with governments to censor freedom of speech and and help create a totalitarian society. It is therefore time to do away with facebook for good…Facebook does not care about you it is just using you and your content as a cash cow for ads and if you even dare to post something that isnt a picture of what you had for lunch today then you will face its wrath. There are plenty of better social networks that do not censor what you have got to say.. in fact I created my own its called utterz and it does not censor your content no matter what you have to say.

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  1. This is quite sickening, it should be none of facebooks business getting its self involed in this kind of thing. Also if was on the other foot and the police wanted information on a Muslim terrorist I doubt fascistbook would help them.

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