Review: Why I chose to sell my cintiq 27qhd


If you are thinking of buying a cintiq 27qhd then think againg. If you ask me then I would say dont buy one and save your money for something better instead!
I bought my cintiq 27 qhd last year for around £1550 (on sale) which seemed like a pretty good bargain at a time. However after a year of using it I have now sold it and for £1350 via ebay (which isn’t a bad price at all to be honest), the reason I sold it was simple it wasn’t good enough, don’t get me wrong it was a super size and had great pen sensitivity however for the price it was just not worth it. One of the main niggling problems that I had with my cinitq was the fact that the parallax effect (the gap between pen and cursor) was HUUUUUGE! (Which by the way is made even bigger if you apply a screen protector on your tablet to prevent scratches) This parallax effect made drawing on the cintiq feel wholly unnatural and jarring to say the least, the best way to describe drawing on the cinitq would be that it felt as though you were drawing on a window and instead of the drawing appearing where your pen is it instead appearing on the other side… At different drawing angles the parallax effect would look a lot worse too. When drawing directly on the middle of the cintiq the parallax effect would be manageable however if you wanted to draw anywhere else the gap would appear bigger and even more annoying.. this meant that despite the cintiq huge size realistically you are forced to draw on the small centre of the cintiq and unable to take full advantage of the screen.

The cintiq 27qhd also despite being extremely expensive.. wacom decided to be cheap skates and did not include the stand as standard with it.. meaning that you can only draw on it at a weird awkward angle which can DAMAGE YOUR BACK if you are constantly drawing on it day in day out.

I also decided to sell my cintiq 27qhd because wacom has now decided to start releasing brand new cintiqs pro models with no parallax and 4x more pen sensitivity! So there was no way I was going to put up with an old outdated cintiq when there are new ones being released solving the exact problem that I hate about my version. Wacom has thus far only released 2 sizes of the cintiq pro models the 13 and 16 inch models which is rather annoying because these sizes are tiny and will force you to draw via your wrist rather than drawing with the full motion of your arm which isnt very good. Also there is actually little point to these new cintiq pros if you think about it because currently they are retailing at the same price as the Ipad pro which has nearly the exact same drawing capabilities and near enough the same size as the new cintiq pros BUT is not just a stand-alone display monitor that needs to be connected to a desktop.. it has its own operating system and can be used anywhere.. plus you can also use cool apps such as procreate or even plug it into your own computer to draw on photoshop using astropad and other similar apps. In my opinion wacom really needs to pull out a bigger size cintiq pro and should focus on creating something special for artists rather than focusing on small tablets which can never really compete with the like of apple.

Now that I have sold my cintiq pro I am hedging my bets and waiting for wacom to release a bigger cintiq pro (hopefully something that is 20+ inch in size), with any luck wacom will.. soon rather than later 🙂 if they don’t there is definitely a gap in the market for a professional graphic design tablet that should be filled.

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