AMD'S Vega graphics card may beat nvidia's 1080ti


Amd’s high end Vega graphics card knocks Nvidia’s 1080ti out of the ball park. A leaked CompuBench database entry of one of AMD’S variants of its new vega card shows that it is packing a huge punch and will have 64 Compute Units enabled potentially giving it 4096 stream processors!The new vega card will also have 16 GB HBM2 VRAM and will be clocked at 1600 MHz far surpassing the 1080ti. What’s more the vega card will be based upon a new architecture which will have fancy new features that nvidia’s current cards simply do not have like High bandwidth memory cache that will vastly help performance in games.

Amd’s new Vega graphics cards are thought to be released at the start of June after Amd officials confirmed that the new card should be released by the end of June. However there may be a limited supply of the new graphics cards with only 16, 000-20,000 actually being made. This is due to the card using costly high-bandwidth memory which is in short supply at the moment. It is also thought that AMD will release at least three different variants of the card with different amounts of VRAM to compete to compete with the top three nvidia cards.

If AMD does pull it off and creates a card more powerful than Nvidia’s 1080 ti it will certainly be a good thing for consumers who have had to settle with Nvidia’s almost complacent monopoly on the graphics card industry with their high prices and stagnant innovation. It is unclear what Nvidia’s reaction will be to not having the fastest card on the market… Nvidia’s CEO has shrugged off AMD’S threat to its market share. Some believe that Nvidia’s may release its next line up of graphics card codenamed Volta early than expected to compete with AMD.

Despite all of this good news for AMD the company’s share prices have been plummeting after it announced that it to make any profit in q1 this year and spent a large chunk of its reserve cash on development costs. Hopefully though this news will boost AMD’S stock prices because we need this company because competition is VITAL in the technology world.

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