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Currently I am hosting one of my sites on godaddys “economy” shared hosting plan that costs £5.99 a month and it is remarkably shit!
The reason I chose godaddy hosting was because they were initially selling this hosting at $0.99 a month and then used bait and switch tactics to increase the price later on at which time I had already established my site and moving it would be a bit of a hassle.
$5.99 is not cheap when it comes to hosting, for that price you can actually get decent reseller hosting account that can host unlimited websites. So it is not unreasonable to expect your site to be able to cope with running a simple wordpress blog. However, over the course of the year my site has been getting slower and slower.
I am hosting a simple wordpress blog on my site that isn’t anything fancy or resource intensive but godaddy struggles so much with it.
So much so that the average load time of my site is 10 seconds and sometimes my site fails to load at all and will just show a 500 internal error instead. Even doing simple tasks like uploading a small png logo using wordpress media uploader is too much of an ask for godaddy to cope with and will just trigger an http error.

The reason for this is is down to the company’s own greed. Shared hosting means that you are sharing the webhosting server with other websites. Due to the fact that computers only have so much bandwidth, storage and CPU power the more sites being hosted on the webserver the slower everyone’s sites gets as each website fight for power. Godaddy has simply stuffed the webserver full of other websites to make more money and in doing so has slow down the server. Stuffing with the webserver full of sites like this also increases your risk of being hacked. This is because there is an increased chance that one of the sites on the webserver may contain a security vulnerability and may get hacked which can lead to other sites on the webserver also becoming compromised as a result.

Getting into contact with godaddys support doesn’t help. All godaddy is interested in is making more money. Which means the only solution they can offer to help speed up your website is for you to buy their more expensive hosting options. This is despite my site not even using up 10% of the allocated bandwidth or memory of my current option. So I fail to see why I should upgrade just to get a faster site.

Suffice to say I am not staying with godaddy hosting and I recommend to anyone thinking of going with them not to bother. There are plenty of better options out there. Even some free hosts that I have tried in the past have been better and faster for example zymic free hosting. If you like really good fast hosting then I would suggest going with siteground. I use siteground for one of my other websites and it so super fast and you cannot fault their support.

Disclaimer alert
Unlike other godaddy hosting reviews often written by disingenuous affiliate marketers who get commission by getting people to sign up, I am a customer and this is a totally unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own!

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  1. I have had a very similar experience with this company as well. There hosting is absolute garbage so to is there support. I tired contacting their support and it was obvious that the person I was speaking to had no it skills at all, and just kept telling me that if I wanted my problem fixed I should upgrade to their $20 a month option instead. Total scam company!

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