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Honest Godaddy hosting review

Currently I am hosting one of my sites on godaddys “economy” shared hosting plan that costs £5.99 a month and it is remarkably shit! The reason I chose godaddy hosting was because they were initially…


Review: Why I chose to sell my cintiq 27qhd

If you are thinking of buying a cintiq 27qhd then think againg. If you ask me then I would say dont buy one and save your money for something better instead! I bought my cintiq 27 qhd last year for a…

Rants & Raves

Dont trust Trustpilot reviews

When reading trustpilot reviews online, one must ask themselves how does Trustpilot make its money? The answer is from selling fake reviews! Don't trust trustpilot FAKE reviews. Recently I set up a…

Cleaning up a hacked site

Finding out just how you got hacked in the first place is very important as flushing out the point of entry and getting rid of any backdoors stops hackers just simply rehacking your site.  So then jus…

My site on site5 got hacked!

My site that is hosted on site5 has been hacked! For me this really is no laughing without my online shop I wouldn't have an income at all! It took me 3 years to build up my online shop…