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    Read up on the very LATEST music and what music to listen up to on our very own SCAN blog here on Indyweekblogs! You really cannot go wrong with non superficial music which is the only kind of music we talk about here.

  • February 1, 2014 - Indyweek

    This weeks top song choices!

    Hello this week we have a got a small handful (only 3, but great!) of some classics for you that you should listen to right this minute! Remember the 90′s? It was a far better time the 00′s and a lot better than what ever decade you call this as far as music and culture […]

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  • What music should I listen to…hmmm? We are going to be starting a new tradition on the SCAN blog and that is quite simply giving you a song to listen to a week. We will not be suggesting any already well known songs but songs you might not have heard of before, really obscure underground […]

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  • January 9, 2014 - Indyweek

    Ministry of sound: Anthems Trance

    Ministry of sound Anthems Trance has a complete collection of some of the very best trance anthems from the 90s right up to now. If you are into trance music (like me) you really cannot go without this cd. Buying cds maybe out of fashion as people have long forgotten about the now novelty of […]

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